Bertie has many satisfied regular clients throughout Sussex, Kent and Surrey. From small independent homes to very large national groups, such as Anchor, Barchester, BUPA, Care UK, Caring Homes, Canford, Four Seasons, Life Style, NHS, Sunrise and many more. The following are a small selection of Bertie's many reviews and recommendations :


“It was an absolute pleasure having Bertie Boater come and entertain us all. He performs brilliantly and works well around any type of home. Interaction is paramount when it comes to care and he has it down to a tee. Book book !”

“Bertie is very interactive with the residents & they all enjoy his performance greatly & many sing along to the songs. I would thoroughly recommend him”

“Bertie interacts well with our residents of variant needs & they look forward to seeing him.  He is reliable, friendly and very professional and has genuine regard for our residents. We highly recommend Bertie to all types of homes.”

“Brilliant performance and really enjoyed by all the residents, relatives and staff. Loved the interaction and the range of songs, and very reasonable.”

“Bertie is becoming a firm favourite of all our residents and staff alike. His caring manner in the way he interacts with every one of our residents is magical to watch. We will be booking Bertie Boater often in this new year.”

“Bertie got our residents singing and dancing from beginning to end. I would highly recommend him, as he gives great entertainment for a fair price !”

“Bertie Boater is an excellent entertainer and he always brings a smile to the residents' faces. His songs also bring back so many memories. We're always looking to book him in advance, as he is so popular in other care settings.”

“Our residents absolutely love Bertie Boater. He interacts well with all of our residents & puts a smile on their faces. Highly recommend booking Bertie.”

“Bertie is able to establish a great rapport with the audience, and has a really good range of song material.  Feedback from the residents is always very positive & they are keen for him to make a return visit. Well worth a booking”

“A lovely performer who sang a vast selection of songs and played the ukulele. Fabulous and friendly and we immediately booked Bertie Boater again.”

“Bertie Boater is a talented and cheerful man & we're very impressed by his performances. He has a great selection of songs & encourages involvement with the residents. Always a joy when he visits. Would highly recommend.”

"Bertie Boater visits our care home monthly. He brings a lot of energy and the residents of the home get involved and love the golden oldies that he sings."

"I met Bertie for the first time tonight at the care home where I work. It was wonderful to see the residents singing along and their faces lighting up when he sang directly to them. They all knew the songs & didn't want him to stop."

"The residents in our care home adore Bertie. When he gets down on one knee to serenade the ladies they love it.  It's lovely to see their happy smiling faces."

"Bertie attended our home today, and entertained the residents with his wonderful renditions of the timeless classics. He paid special attention to the residents with dementia who thoroughly enjoyed his performance."

"Bertie is a charming man, who related well to our residents, and entertained them with wonderful songs for an hour. I would highly recommend him."

"Bertie is very original and different to anyone else in the area, the outfit and ukulele make his performance special and the residents love it. I would thoroughly recommend Bertie to other establishments for entertainment."

"We have had Bertie Boater entertain us twice and both times our residents have really enjoyed him. We will definitely be asking him back again."

"Gracious response from residents towards Bertie. Good for the occasion. If another opportunity arises and the residents require an entertainer with a variety of songs to suit the season, we will be in touch to organise an event."

"Our residents enjoyed Bertie's performance, singing along to all the songs. He has good interpersonal skill & interacted well with them. Will book again."

"Bertie Boater has recently become a firm favourite among our residents. His flamboyant style and character, his joyfully engaging programme and his vibrant yet warm and caring personality assure him a frequent booking"

"Bertie's interaction with residents is always excellent. If you're looking for a one man band, Bertie and his ukulele is surely a safe and entertaining bet."